No 1 Neurology Hospital in Guntur


No 1 Neurology Hospital

Uday Hospital is one of the most promising and established hospital in Guntur,Andhra Pradesh.

We embarked on this exciting journey of Uday Hospital established in 2007 , With a strong backing of our Uday Hospital, Serving as a center of exceptional neurological care as well as many other specialities. Its location makes it all the more approachable.

A fully functional & modern hospital with state of the art infrastructure and internal navigation which is centred around patient and their family's comfort.

Over the years, we have been able to won the trust and goodwill of our patients through adhering to the notion of Patient Centricity.

We are a technologically advanced hospital designed to international standards and most stringent criteria in creating infrastructure and environmental guidelines.Evercare, today, we are having 300 beds and treating hundreds of patients every year.

Uday hospital Main Services

As the patient ages, late-stage dementia side effects will in general compound. The phases of dementia needing dementia therapy hospitals in Guntur are utilized when a dynamic dementia has been analyzed. The stages include:

Best doctors for brain stroke in Guntur say that Indications of stroke in a woman, could incorporate scarcely any different side effects like